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Tenth Anniversary Special - Extended Length Video

A Reminder to Learn and Follow the Firearms Safety Rules at All Times

April 2004

DEA Special Agent Lee Paige Shoots Himself in the Leg While Giving a Safety Lecture to Schoolchildren in Orlando Florida

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DEA Special Agent Lee Paige Warms Up the Kids With a Lecture on US History, the Danger of Guns, and the Evil of Drugs

Lee Draws His Duty Glock 40 Caliber Pistol, and Assures the Crowd That it is "empty", Then Utters the All Time Classic Line - "I'm the Only One in This Room Professional Enough, That I Know of, to Carry This Glock 40"......BANG !...Ouch !


A Helpful Youngster in the Front Row Passes the Fired Cartridge Case to Lee's Assistant.

Braving an Obvious Leg Injury, Lee Tries to Calm the Crowd by Asking His Assistant to Hand Him an AR15 Rifle. Despite His Assurances that it is "an Empty Weapon" the Anxious Crowd Scream "Put it Down, Put it Down"




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