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Milt Sparks Holsters - A  line of very nice quality leather IWB concealment holsters.

Sidearmor Kydex Holsters - Exceptionally well made Kydex holsters.

Bianchi Holsters - Reasonably priced duty and concealment holsters in both leather and nylon. The model 6 suede IWB has the best belt clip in the business, and is a steal at around $15.

 Mitch Rosen Holsters - Nice line of strong-side concealment holsters for the well-heeled (good, but pricey)

Galco Holsters - Duty and concealment holsters in both leather and nylon.

Uncle Mike's Holsters - A line of non-leather duty, sporting, and concealment holsters.
Crimson Trace Laser Grips - give your gun easy sighting with laser technology.
Butler Creek - A line of accessories for rifles and shotguns. Nice stocks and flip open scope lens covers.
Thunderwear Holsters - When your skimpy summer attire leaves you no place to hide your gun, then only Thunderwear will do !
Hogue Grips - When an otherwise perfect handgun doesn't fit your hand as well as you'd like, you may like to try a Hogue rubber grip !  If you just want to make your favorite handgun look better, then they have a nice range of fancy hardwood grips too.

Teddy Jackobson - Premier pistolsmith specializing in SIG pistols




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