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SIGArms USA - Information on the premium line of SIG firearms and accessories, including their market leading semi-automatic pistols.

Glock Pistols - The world famous 'plastic pistols'

Kahr Arms - Manufacturer of quality compact 9mm and 40 caliber semi-automatic pistols

Ruger Firearms - Manufacturer of the word's toughest double action revolvers, economy semi-automatic pistols, rifles, and shotguns. 

Smith & Wesson - Manufacturer of the world's lightest 38/357 compact revolvers, crafted using the latest scandium alloy technology.

Armalite - Manufacturer of quality semi-automatic AR15 pattern rifles in 223, 243, and 308 calibers - and a new 50 caliber low-recoil rifle.

Federal Ammunition - Manufacturers of American Eagle economy brand, and Hydra-Shok premium personal defense ammunition.

Speer Ammunition - Manufacturers of CCI Blazer economy brand, Lawman ammunition, and Speer Gold Dot premium personal defense ammunition.
Winchester Ammunition - Manufacturers of the USA economy brand, plus Silver Tip and SXT premium personal defense ammunition.



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